A 30something’s First Hackathon


Should I have a team in advance?

A screenshot at a beginner’s event!

Is it intense?

My weekend

Am I too old?

Do I need any particular skillset?



These were my reasons initially:

  1. I’m trying to put myself out there as a Software Engineer.
  2. I’m finding the job hunting process soul crushing and wanted to let loose a bit.
  3. I can’t resist an opportunity to try something new.

But I got so much more out of it then I imagined!!

  1. I learned a ton in a low stakes environment. I put so much pressure on myself in job interviews, and while yeah, I still really pushed myself, I knew it was all just for fun.
  2. And it WAS fun. My team was awesome and when we pulled things off as a group it was a craaaazy high!
  3. It was the git crash course I needed. I’m such a noob—working with a team on a project in git like this under such a time crunch helped me push through some of those fears. I still don’t feel like I’m swimming in the deep end, but it forced me to paddle around a bit more.
  4. I now have answers to a whole slew of job interview questions in regards to working on team projects I didn’t have before.
  5. I’ve been coding in such a bubble. I learned a lot from my teammate’s perspectives on the code I was working on and their approaches to solving those problems.
  6. More confidence—hey, WE WON! I found a great team, contributed a lot to the project, we got it finished, deployed, submitted in time and we won our category!!!




Ex-rocker turned programmer.

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Zoe Friedman

Zoe Friedman

Ex-rocker turned programmer.

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