For my first Flatiron Project I recalled a dilemma from my pre-COVID days: My friends and I (poor musicians) were always on the hunt for cheap drinks in various neighborhoods after side-hustles and before shows—but how to find a good Happy Hour? Bars often don’t advertise them on their sites and Yelp & Google Places don’t track them. I would sit on Yelp and hunt through listings, juggling dollar signs and phone numbers, calling annoyed bartenders and reading reviews, but I dreamed of another option.

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  1. I’m currently using the GoogleAPI free trial, but eventually, they would start charging me. To avoid anyone using my API key and racking up $$$ on my account, I’ve restricted my keys access to only my IP address. Setup here. Tip: this requires your public IP address.
  2. After I set up the bones of my application, I utilized almost every trick here: Making your Ruby Application Cute, including the colorize and tty-prompt gems AND an ascii (prounced ‘ass-key’) image! Thanks Alexandra!

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